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Thursday, April 10, 2008

importent networking interview questions

  • Name some of the ways of combining TCP/IP traffic and SNA traffic over the same link.
  • What sort of cabling is suitable for Fast Ethernet protocols?
  • What is a Class D IP address?
  • Why do I sometimes lose a server's address when using more than one server?
  • What is Firewall?
  • How do I monitor the activity of sockets?
  • How would I put my socket in non-blocking mode?
  • What are RAW sockets?
  • What is the role of TCP protocol and IP protocol.
  • What is UDP?
  • How can I make my server a daemon?
  • How should I choose a port number for my server?
  • Layers in TCP/IP
  • How can I be sure that a UDP message is received?
  • How to get IP header of a UDP message
  • Writing UDP/SOCK_DGRAM applications
  • What is priority inversion?
  • Different Solutions to dining philosophers problem.
  • What is a message queue?
  • Questions on Shared Memory.
  • What is DHCP?
  • Working of ping, telnet, gopher.
  • Can I connect two computers to internet using same line ?
  • Working of TCP and SSL Handshake
  • How P2P softwares work?
  • Setting up TOMCAT web service
  • Port numbers for FTP, HTTP, telnet, POP, finger
  • Difference - Passive FTP, Active FTP
  • Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) what is it?
  • Security threats due to use of CGI
  • What is "spoofing"
  • Where could you find Apache server web log
  • Find web visitors by country
  • What is Virtual Private Network (VPN) and how does it work?
  • How does routing work?

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