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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Topics for networking interview books importent

These questions were sent in from IBM. They discuss various telecom and networking topics.

  1. OSPF
    1. Describe OSPF in your own words.
    2. OSPF areas, the purpose of having each of them
    3. Types of OSPF LSA, the purpose of each LSA type
    4. What exact LSA type you can see in different areas
    5. How OSPF establishes neighboor relation, what the stages are
    6. If OSPF router is stucked in each stage what the problem is and how to troubleshoot it
    7. OSPF hierarchy in the single or multi areas. Cool OSPF behavior in broadcast and nonbroadcast
    8. Draw the diagram of typical OSPF network and explain generally how it works, DR, BDR, election, ASBR, ABR, route redistribution and summarization

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